Butt lifter shorts ¿what are they?

Butt lifter shorts panty control with lift


Butt lifter shorts also known as Booty bra, are an ideal garment to adjust and lift the butt, giving it the ideal touch to any tight clothing look. Nonetheless, this fabulous clothing piece is highly recommended for the ladies who have a “long back” and wear tight jeans, which do not fit as they should.

Women with long back, make the back pockets of the jean to be almost imperceptible and no matter how many high heels you match with those clothes you never get to have the ideal lift. Butt lifter shorts do get you that perfect effect, with the round cuts on the butt: the curves go up and stay along the day.

As added value the Butt lifter short or Booty bra work also as a belly control garment, given that reached the waist.

With Laty Rose´s Butt lifter shorts you will be able to choose between the following colors: black, cocoa and beige. The basic and necessary colors for any type of clothing you wish to wear over those butt lifters.

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