Signature Jeans Levanta Colas

Laty Rose takes special care for their clients to have the best quality products, with original design, comfort and reassurance that every dressing piece most give to a thriving woman, keeping the excellent quality on all Colombian brands.

That is why the Butt Lifter Jeans collection has a special place in Laty Rose´s heart, paying special attention in the making of their garments, which during fifteen years have been evolving and developing the best techniques in washed designs, so every one of them fits the highest quality standards.

Every jean, thanks to their high waist, shape the hips and lift the butt to transform curves to perfection, showing an enviable silhouette without losing the new fashion trends and style we all love so much.

They are perfect to be used by attractive and hard worker women that when going out want to be a showstopper with their body, feel safe and attractive, fearless that the jean might lose its shape or compression capacity, because they are made with the highest quality and resistant fabrics to give an effective and lasting garment.

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