What style of jean wear according to your body type?

Find out how to pick a jean according to your body type


Every woman knows that amazing feeling you have when wearing the perfect pair of jeans, that one which makes your confidence spike up and is stylish at the same time. Nevertheless, to find that ideal pair according to your body type might be an exhausting process. But worry not, with some simple tips it all would be much simpler.  

When buying jeans, there are three questions you should ask yourself to know what style of jean to wear according to your body:

  1. Do i feel comfortable in this jeans? (can you sit, stand and move freely without them being too tight?)
  2. Do i feel confident in these jeans? (the jeans enhance your shape how they should?)
  3. Are these jeans in style? (are you buying a pair of jeans that can be a match to other clothes at home?)

Once you have that in mind, you need to know what type of shape you have. Get to know your body is detrimental to know what style of jeans to use, so you can highlight what you love the most about your shape.

Pear type

Pear body types tend to be smaller at the tops and heavier on the lower have. This is one of the easiest shapes to get jeans for. There are styles that will fit well at the waist, hips and calves. To hide excesses, avoid big pocket jeans or those with decorations at the hips and butt, because they create visual effects that enlarges the area.

A great jean that will make that body type look great is the Laty Rose 2001, which has a very natural butt lifter effect.


Apple type

Apple body type women, do not tend to have a defined waist or hips, but they have amazing legs! Because of this, if you have apple shape, then you must look for dark jeans to define your body and accentuate the legs. You can also choose waist high jeans to have an even more defined shape, like the Laty Rose 2006, which is dark a butt lifter at the same time!


Hourglass type

Hourglass bodies are the most wanted by most women. This body shape is known for having a heavy top, small waist and very defined hips. The hourglass body is symmetrically perfect, so you can try on and wear all jean styles, but if you want to highlight the rear, you can wear the Laty Rose 2007: a light blue to match most of your wardrobe!


Athletic type

As a general rule, Athletic or “rectangular” bodies are known for not showing many curves, but this is not the case. Many women with athletic bodies do have curves, but are proportionated and one of the ways to highlight them is by using the right clothing. One of them are jeans that enhance the legs but that at the same time enlarge the butt area. A Laty Rose 2002 is butt lifter and goes perfect with a crop top, this will give the illusion of having more curves at the bottom.

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