How to style your bluejeans

Do you want some ideas to look great in your denim jeans? Take a look at this! Everyone knows how versatile are a nice pair of high waist jeans skinny and in fashion history have been in our wardrobes since forever. If you’ve lack of ideas of how to dress up your skin jeans here we have many tips you can have in mind to use them in any occasion. Despite jeans stretch are one of the pieces you can’t say no at least you’re invited at a very formal event, there are types of jeans for woman you can wear according to the place you’re going. Outfit for the office: In this occasion you need to dress up a...

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What style of jean wear according to your body type?

Find out how to pick a jean according to your body type   Every woman knows that amazing feeling you have when wearing the perfect pair of jeans, that one which makes your confidence spike up and is stylish at the same time. Nevertheless, to find that ideal pair according to your body type might be an exhausting process. But worry not, with some simple tips it all would be much simpler.   When buying jeans, there are three questions you should ask yourself to know what style of jean to wear according to your body: Do i feel comfortable in this jeans? (can you sit, stand and move freely without them being too tight?) Do i feel confident in these...

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